HIGHLIGHTS from the March 1996 issue

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Hanson - Hignell Dogsled Expedition Introduces Internet

Julie Hanson of Peterson, Minn., and Martin Hignell of Abingdon, England, began their 2,400-mile dogsled expedition in late January along Canada's Northwest Passage from Churchill, Manitoba, on the west shore of the Hudson Bay. The expedition will study the history and culture of 13 Inuit villages and assist those communities in connecting with the Internet.


Expeditions from South Africa, Taiwan, New Zealand, Norway, Serbia, Sweden, Nepal, and two each from Britain and the U.S. have received permission from the Nepalese government to scale Mount Everest this spring.


Branson Blames Global Warming

On Feb. 21, British tycoon Richard Branson postponed his circumnavigation bid until October, suggesting that the unusual global weather patterns which prevented his launch this winter are related to global warming.

Glory Above Antarctica

Balloonist Bill Arras of Redmond, Ore., has reportedly become the first to pilot a balloon over Antarctica, as well as the first to balloon above all seven continents.


Hungry Crocs Take Bite Out Of Paddlers' Plans

Six crocodile attacks in the past year, including an attack on armed park rangers a week prior to departure, were reason enough to cancel the African Queen Kayak Expedition (See EN, January 1996).

Banff Plans Mountain Image Competition

An international photography competition of mountain images will be held this spring in conjunction with the Banff Festival of Mountain Films and the Banff Mountain Book Festival.


Dr. Sylvia A. Earle: Making A Difference

In the March issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine, underwater explorer Dr. Sylvia A. Earle is profiled in an article by Amy Rapaport titled, "Onward And Downward: Sylvia Earle believes how we treat the oceans today will determine how we live tomorrow."

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