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As Several Expeditions Establish Camps, a South African Team Rips Apart

Everest Film Science Expedition Establishes Camp I

The Everest Film Science Expedition, led by Ed Viesturs and IMAX film director and co-producer David Breashears, forged a route through the Khumbu Icefall during the first two weeks of April to establish Camp I at 19,900 feet.

Pittman Approaches Camp III

An April 25 report from the "Everest Assault '96" expedition (See EN, April 1996) finds Sandy Hill Pittman en route to Camp III at about 23,000 feet while expedition leader Scott Fischer returned to Base Camp to pick up extra supplies for the team.


Disputes with expedition leader Ian Woodall have led three climbers to quit and The Sunday Times to withdraw its name from the South African Everest expedition being led by Woodall.


It's never too soon to start planning a major project, which is why organizers have already begun work to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.


Ten Years Later, Steger Plans Solo Return to North Pole

May 1, 1996 marked the 10th anniversary of the first trek to the North Pole without resupply since 1909, the year American explorer Robert Peary claims to have been the first person to reach the Pole.

Live & Let Live

Live & Let Live is a solo sea kayak expedition in which Leigh Moorhouse, a San Francisco sea kayak instructor and racer, will attempt to become the first woman to solo-kayak both coasts of the U.S.

Titanic Cruise Expedition

"This will be the world's greatest expedition," boasts George Tulloch, president of RMS Titanic Inc., the company that will raise a piece of the Titanic's hull and other artifacts from the historic luxury liner's gravesite in the North Atlantic.


View From Above

Climbing pioneer Sir Edmund Hillary, 76, reflects on the enduring popularity of Mount Everest in the April 1996 Delta Sky inflight magazine.

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