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August 1996 - Volume Three, Number Eight


In May 1997, two explorers will begin a first-ever circumnavigation of Greenland by dogsled and sea kayak. American Lonnie Dupre and Greenlander Valdemar Geisler will depart on the International Greenland Expedition, a 13 month, 4,600 mi. non-mechanized journey around the autonomous Danish province.


When two explorers meet on a polar expedition, fall in love, then marry a few years later, it's only natural that they would decide to honeymoon on an expedition to the Arctic. Such is the case with Julie Hanson, 43, and 35-year-old Martin Hignell. Their Hanson-Hignell Expedition, which ended June 4, traveled to 10 Canadian Northwest Territories communities to study the history and culture of the Inuit and assist small villages in connecting via the Internet.


Peak Baggers Foiled by Summit of Rhode Island

In their quest to climb the 50 highest points in the U.S., members of a determined group called the Highpointers Club have summited Alaska's McKinley (20,320 ft.), California's Mt. Whitney (14,494 ft.), and Colorado's Mt. Elbert (14,433 ft.).

Yet these peak baggers have been foiled by America's most inaccessible high point. And to add insult to injury, this veritable No Man's Land, known as Jerimoth Hill, is located in the western part of Rhode Island, America's smallest state.


Source of Amazon River Discovered

Scientists on a nine-day expedition last month have discovered the source of the Amazon River, a discovery that runs counter to previous accounts of the river's origins. The international team links the Amazon's starting point to a remote Andean mountain creek.

Italian Climber Dies on K-2

An Italian climber, Lorenzo Mazzoleni, 29, died on K-2 in northern Pakistan shortly after the four-man Italian team reached the summit on July 29.


Mount Everest: The Movie

It was only a matter of time. Universal Pictures narrowly beat out rivals to grab rights to "The Death Zone," Pete Wilkinson's account of the Everest tragedy in the August issue of Men's Journal.

Taking the Plunge

According to a story in The Inquirer and Mirror (Nantucket, Mass.), Graham Hawkes, 48, is developing a revolutionary one-man winged submersible called Deep Flight that he hopes will reach the bottom of the Mariana Trench east of the Philippines. At 37,000 feet below the surface it's the deepest spot in all the world's oceans and is considered the ocean equivalent of going to the moon.

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