September 1997 - Volume Four, Number Nine

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Here are Highlights from our September issue. Contact us with your postal address for a free sample issue of the entire newsletter.


Expedition paddler Steph Dutton, 47, has sea kayaked solo 1,600 miles along the Pacific Coast from Canada to Mexico, and the Oregon coast in winter. But his greatest adventure is yet to come. Dutton and his wife, Heidi Tiura, 45, a master ship captain, will use sea kayaks as primary research vessels to study the entire life cycle and 12,000-mi. migration of the gray whale from the lagoons of Baja California, where it gives birth and breeds, to the feeding grounds in the Bering and Chukchi Seas.


A three-person American team departed last month to attempt the first American ascent of China's Mt. Geladaintong (21,722-ft.), the source of the Yangtze River, the third largest river system in the world (after the Amazon and Nile).


An American woman from Marblehead, Mass. is seeking another woman to join her on a trek from Ecuador through Peru, Bolivia, and Chile along the Ancient Inca Road. Karin Muller, 32, will leave Dec. 1 - with or without a partner - and travel for five months on foot, by llama, in reed boats and motorbikes. To do so, she's looking for $35,000 - $50,000 from one or more sponsors.


Two futuristic-looking hovercraft that carry up to 46 people and float on a cushion of air, will be used to reach the North Pole in July 1999. An organization called Hoverquest based in Ottawa, Ontario is seeking $2.4 million from corporate sponsors willing to send their product and personnel along for the ride.


Broken Rudder Foils Viking Voyage - The crew of the replica Viking ship covered in the May and August 1997 issues of EN abandoned their attempt to retrace Leif Ericsson's voyage to the New World, deciding there was not enough time this summer to fix a crippled rudder.


Good Morning Starshine - NASA hopes to borrow a page from the past and use a satellite called Project Starshine to stimulate youngsters to pursue science and exploration careers. A mirror-covered satellite built by students will be launched from the Space Shuttle Endeavor in December 1999.


The Halo Effect - One reason outdoor manufacturers sponsor explorers and climbers is to take advantage of the "Halo effect." If they can demonstrate exceptional product performance under dire conditions, they reason, the product is surely glorified wherever it may go. It's a challenge, of sorts, to doubting consumers. The subliminal advertising message is, in effect: "Where are you going that is this cold? this steep? this life threatening? If our sleeping bag, thermal underwear, or parka works on Everest, the North Pole, or in the middle of the ocean, it will surely work during your hike at a nearby state park."

Thus we find in one issue of Outdoor Retailer magazine, the leading trade publication, explorers Will Steger pitching the Transport EC2 Thermal Layering System from Terramar, Borge Ousland hawking Ferrino tents, and climber Ron Kauk extolling the virtues of Clif Bars made with whole foods.


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